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“wherein a city geek seeks nature”

Who am I?

Monkey Creek, South Island, New Zealand

Andrew Couch is me. I am a city geek. I like my apartment and public transport and stores open until wee hours of the morning. I like steady internet and video games. I also really like trees and stars. I especially like the quiet of nature. I’m also a bit of an eco-geek, trying to find a balance between modern cool stuff and not doing horrible things to the planet.

I remember camping a fair amount as a kid, but growing up it fell away. Now I am trying to get back into camping. That is what is site is about.

There are so many different things out there for camping. I’m doing research for my own trips and my own camping needs and sharing that with you. I look for eco-friendly and just truly cool camping stuff and share my research on it.


E-Mail: info@sleepinthewoods.com